Bath Bus Company


Back in December, five Volvo B9TL / East Lancs Visionaire open toppers, formerly in the fleet of The Original Tour (LJ07 XER/S/T/U/W), London, were noted in convoy westbound on the M4 near Swindon. LJ07 XET is now confirmed with the Bath Bus Co., so there must be a good chance this is where all five were heading.

Bath Bus Co. may still have SN03 DZM, PN10 FNR/S, YN55 NKZ not reported in use since the withdrawal of the Windsor operation in 2018, and have recently disposed of the first three of their Ayats to Ensignbus. In addition to the sightseeing tours at Bath & Cardiff, Bath Bus are expected to introduce a Bristol sightseeing tour this year. What is apparent, is that significant changes are happening in this fleet, so any further information about the current fleet/operations would be appreciated, please.


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