Re: Poland and Germany


Many thanks, Paul, for this most welcome update.

Can I ask if the Gullivers vehicles which you saw have been repainted into City Circle livery, please? You are probably aware that, with the arrival of their Güleryüz, Gullivers were operating as part of the Red Buses operation, before switching allegiance and throwing their lot in with Stromma. Red Buses then seem to have been taken over by Berlin City Tour (City Sightseeing). And during the pandemic, City Sightseeing & City Circle were working together!

Now Top Tour and City Sightseeing partner on a tour (they both track, with vehicle identities, on the City Sightseeing Berlin mobile app; all of CS 9923-6, 9945-8 have seen service this year, along with the three Top Tour vehicles you saw.)

I was interested to see that Der Tempelhofer are still operating. I had assumed that, without any fleet updated, they may have fallen foul of Berlin's LEZ regulations.



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