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Hi Tim.

I referred your message to Glen Bubb, Deputy Editor of British Buses Abroad magazine (of which I am the Editor).  He has recently returned from another visit to Cyprus and these are his comments.

The photo mentioned on flickr was taken by Karl, his travelling companion, we could not see any evidence of either of the buses carrying Cypriot registrations.  My knowledge of the operations of Blue Sky Transfers is that at least LK04 HZM (NEH 461) and LK04 HXH (NEM 188) were operating in Limassol in May 2019, the operation appeared to be short lived, by September 2019 this operation appeared to have ceased and LK04 HZW (NBT 386) and LK04 HYU (NBP 944) were operating in Paphos.  David Corke's list shows LX04 HXS as NBT 093 and LK04 JBV as NET 633

There has been some question in some areas as to whether their were actually 12 or 6 vehicles exported.

The group may also be interested to know that former J330 BSH is now in open top format with Oscar Hotels at Girnie although in May 2022 it appeared to be out of use.

Hope this helps



On Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 07:03:01 p.m. EDT, tjwpsv <tim@...> wrote:

Do we have any members familiar with the modern bus scene in Cyprus, or with contacts there, please?

In 2018, Ensign exported 12 Volvo B7TL / Wright open toppers to E.A. Blue Sky Transfers Express Ltd (City Sightseeing Limassol / Cyprus Sightseeing). While the English identities are known, we have only ever established Cypriot registrations for 6 of the vehicles. See:

While it is possible that not all were actually registered there, another is known to have become NBP 569.

Further research shows that NBP 944, NBT 386, NEH 461 actually entered service in Paphos in 2019.

Now the following photo has been posted to flickr:
showing LK04 HZV & LX05 FBF abandoned and vandalised. HZV would appear to have been outshopped in City Sightseeing livery, so I am wondering if this one was perhaps reregistered.

If anyone fill any gaps with Cypriot registrations or the fate of the other vehicles, this would be appreciated so that can be updated. The caption to the above states that the Limassol operation has been abandoned, but has that in Paphos resumed?



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