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stephen mckinstry

Your current list is correct. Your withdrawn list is but not sure what BFZ 1745 is theLeyland PS1 is gone it was sold to an other company bus unsure who to and Y162 NLK Did arrive but unsure if it ever entered service. The city tour brand has not existed for about 9 years or so alough NNZ 9785 was never painted out of the livery and I presume is now scrapped also both B7TL Gemini's are still in the fleet but have not been used on the city tour in 2020 or 2021 

Hope that is helpful 

On Fri, 17 Sep 2021 at 15:16, tjwpsv
<tim@...> wrote:
Hi Stephen,

I wonder if you could comment on the current fleet of City Sightseeing Belfast from your observations, please? This is what I have...

NNZ 9784
AXI 297
AXZ 6490
LFZ 7980
SFZ 7967
V513 ESC
CZ 1988

withdrawn (but owned)
BFZ 1745
NNZ 9785
Y162 NLK
Y164 NLK

And some specific queries...

Is the Leyland Tiger PS1 839 XUJ still in the fleet?
Y162/4 NLK are now given by the PSV Circle as 'withdrawn 1/20'. When did 162 arrive, please, and did it ever enter service?
BFZ 7145 & NNZ 9785 are presumably long gone (for scrap); thoughts?

When did the Belfast City Tour vehicles (McComb's) pass to City Sightseeing Belfast?

Many thanks. There's no substitute for local intel!


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