[PATCH 0/4] add restricted parents allowing the same loadable key to be used by different TPMs By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH] e_tpm-rsa.c: add additional padding types By James Bottomley ·
TSS aligned with TPM2 engine 18 messages By Doug Fraser ·
[PATCH] Use pkg-config to determine engines directory 3 messages By Fredrik Ternerot ·
[Ibmtpm20tss-users] [openssl-tpm2-engine] ibmtss 10 messages By Ken Goldman ·
TSS data dir permission problem By Fredrik Ternerot ·
ibmtss 2 messages By Doug Fraser ·
[PATCH 3/4] Add importable keys 4 messages By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH 2/4] tpm2-common: remove interfaces only used by create-tpm2-key 3 messages By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH 1/1] create_tpm2_key: correct size of public area 4 messages By Fredrik Ternerot ·
OpenVPN with OpenSSL engine not working on fedora 28 2 messages By ignaciox.jaureguiberry@... ·
[PATCH] Correct engine name in README and man page By Fredrik Ternerot ·
next branch added to openssl_tpm2_engine.git By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH 4/4] Add tests for importable keys By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH 1/4] tpm2-common: add point conversion routines By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH 0/4] Add importable keys By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH] Enable TPM parameter encryption for RSA encrypt/decrypt By Fredrik Ternerot ·
[PATCH] create_tpm2_key: fix use after free By James Bottomley ·
[PATCH v2 1/1] Disable elliptic curve when not supported by openssl 3 messages By Fredrik Ternerot ·
[PATCH 2/2] add loop over name algorithm type By James Bottomley ·