Re: New participants: Steve from Analog Devices

Masato Endo

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your joining our WG.
Your experiences are very beneficial for us.
I'm looking forward to the collaboration with you!
Have a safe weekend!


Masato ENDO

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HI all,

Following on rather late from Shane's welcome, here's a bit more about myself.

I'm officially leading one of our software development teams, with
responsibility for some of Analog Devices' code generation tools. I've been
working on software licensing compliance with our dedicated Licensing Team
for a number of years now, and am leading the drive towards automation,
standardisation, internal education, and so on. I've been following SPDX for a
while, but am less familiar with the other parts of the OSS tooling landscape
(we have Protecode deployed, internally, within a largely manual system).

With that in mind, and my apologies if this is an inappropriate post for this

With respect to the Automotive market, my company is primarily a supplier, in
that we're creating Automotive-specific products while often using
non-Automotive-specific third-party content.

I'd like to connect with compliance folks in this workgroup to understand your
current and future expectations of your suppliers with respect to compliance,
so that I can transmit those expectations internally and (I hope) provide
appropriate incentives to be able to meet those expectations when needed.

I'm happy to talk in generic terms here, or in more specific detail on a
one-to-one basis off-list.

Looking forward to learning a lot more and, again, my apologies if this is a faux


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Hello all! Please welcome Steve from ADI. Looking forward to further


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