wondering....need some HELP please

Joyce Daniel

Wondering……a friend has asked me to embroider the pockets of wraps she is making. 5 designs came in an “ofm” format. I googled this and it seems to be a Walcom product? Can these designs be changed to a format that I can use and if so, how and where do I get that done?

Thanks!! Joyce


Heather Penwell

Hello, Joyce. I wasn't sure what OFM file extension meant either, and also looked it up. One of the sites I found, suggested that you right click on the file and choose “open with....”, and then type in or select the embroidery software you use. 
It should open for you and you can proceed from there. 

Cheryl Paul

Re: OMF format

The only way that format might open is if you have the software that reads it. I know that Digitizer, Hatch or any embroidery software that I know of, will NOT open that file. What I found on the internet is that this is an audio file, so you’d need to use it to listen not see the file. I’m not sure that this could even be converted to a picture file. You need to find a JEG, PNG, BMP or some other file that is a “picture”. However, if you are buying a design or getting a free one, look for the format that your embroidery machine uses. Janome uses JEF, Brother and Babylock - PES, and so on - there are several to choose from. If you have someone digitize a design you can ask them to save it in the format your machine uses.

For cutting machines, you need better “pictures”. I use SVG (scalable vector images) as that is what my Artistic Edge software uses. Again this might be specific to the machine you have, but I know that Brother Scan and Cut also uses SVG files, but I can’t see that Janome’s Digitizer V5.5 does, but as I’ve just purchased this, I can’t be sure as I haven’t had time to explore that yet.

I’m just suggesting that you purchase the file format that you need for you specific sewing, embroidery or cutting needs and try to stay away from just downloading because you “think” it will work. There is always something on the internet that will fit your needs, but it might not be “free”.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Joyce Daniel

Thanks Heather. I’ll give that a try.



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Sherry Guequierre

ofm is a Dakota commercial format.  Dakota Alpha Sizer will read and convert these files.