Winter approaches ...

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

We've just published the Winter 2011 issue of our Online Sewing magazine. Some of you are already on that list (, but I'm posting here in case you aren't. This issue has an item of interest to those who may be contemplating the 12000, a review of the machine and the Horizon Link software. This is a review, NOT a tutorial, so if you already have the machine don't spend $4 thinking it will help you learn how to use it. That information is coming, but it won't be in the Online Sewing magazine. We also review (again, not "how to") Digitizer MBX, the newest product in the Digitizer series.

If you happen to be on both lists, my apologies for double-posting you. Just trying to be thorough. Oh, and put on a sweater when you go out to rake leaves - it's getting chilly out there!