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We use only Mac computers here. The Janome software is running on Windows 7 and Windows XP using VMware Fusion. I have used Parallels twice in the past. I like it well enough, but they keep issuing updates at breakneck speed and that sometimes causes things to quit working. Then you have to wait for them to throw another update over the wall to get back to where you were. Fusion is much slower to update, but has been much more stable for me. If your Windows on Parallels has been working well for you, there should be no problem with the Janome software.

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Hello Jim,
are you using a windows computer or a mac? I have a mac with parallels
on it and I hope it will work with the Janome software.
Coming week Wednesday I hope to have time to pick up my new machine.

Andrea LaVergne

I have the all of the Janome software on my MAC using VMware Fusion the only one that I have not been able to get to work is the Artistic Suite. I'm using it on XP because it doesn't take up as much space and as long as all of the Janome programs still work with XP I'll stick with it.