Carole O'Mara

I have the 15000 connected wirelessly to my PC (Win 8).  We had to get a new router to increase speed for our computers.  The PC will not connect to the new router. It shows that the new network exists but does not give me choice to connect--only message is 'disconnect'.  So I have no internet.  The PC is now in the hands of a technician to update to Win 10, thinking that Win 8 is not compatible with new router.  He told me that when he updates to Win 10 it will clear everything off the hard drive and I will have to reinstall Horizon Link Suite.  I have backed up all my designs to thumb drives and tested them on my 15000 and they are all there. 

 In researching re-installing HLS he gets a message that an activation code is needed.  Where do I get an activation code?  Since I have no internet to the PC he will have to install HLS V1, then update to V3.0.  This PC is a dedicated computer for embroidery only and is the only PC we have.  Our other computers are MACs and the new network connected to them immediately.  

Any suggestions as to how to install HLS once update to Win 10 would be appreciated.  
Thank you,
Carole in CO

Jim Stutsman

Most PC technicians would assume that the V3.0 update would also include what's in V1.1, and would like try to install that by itself. Janome updates work differently, and if the V3 update does not find V1.1 or 1.2 it might ask for a non-existent activation code. If that's not the case you may need to talk to Janome Tech Support.


The update to V3.0 was sent out from Janome when the Dealer notified them that you purchased the upgrade to the machine.
If you purchased the "Quiltmaker" edition of the machine then your HLS installation CD is the V3.0


Cheryl Paul


When you get your computer sorted, you will need to install Horizon Link Suite from the CD’s you got with your machine. Then I think you can just do the update that your dealer should have provided when you did the Version 3 upgrade of your 15000. If you’ve lost that, as it may have gone to never-neverland with your computer, you should be able to get that download again from your dealer. If that doesn’t work contact Janome Tech Support. I’m only suggesting the dealer as it may be faster than going through Tech Support - as they are so busy.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Carole O'Mara

Thanks for your suggestions, Cheryl. My dealer had only 1 suggestion:  email or call Janome Tech Support in Mahwah, NJ.  I chose to call and was connected immediately to a tech asst who was very helpful.  Good experience with them.  Since I had not found the HLS CD, she suggested that I download it from Janome website (I have since found it) .  The problem is I can't connect to WiFi, which started the original problem.  However, my computer is still in the hands of repair person and he connected to his WiFi and downloaded HLS and even my designs were still on the hard drive.   We've had a couple of days of snow and cold so have not ventured out to pick up the PC.  Once I have it at home, hopefully with updated Win 10 the new router will recognize the PC (or vice versa), and I will have again have internet.  

Thanks to all in this wonderful group for taking time to help resolve issues we encounter with our machines.

Carole  - CO

Carole O'Mara

I have successfully updated Win10 and now have internet on my PC connected to the new router.  I have changed the settings on the 15000 and message is 'network settings have been updated'.  However, I cannot Send a design from the PC wirelessly to the 15000.  On the PC I opened Connection Settings from the upper left circle, selected WiFi.  Message:  no machine found.  So not connecting to WiFi, although I have WiFi on the PC.  I've tried connecting on the 15000 several ways, even Manual and have put in all the info requested.  How do I get the PC to talk to the 15000?  

Carole - CO

Jim Stutsman

Your original post mentioned a new router. Most routers have two wireless networks. One is for your internal devices - PC, printer, etc. The other is for guests who need WiFi while visiting. It’s possible that the 15000 has joined the guest network, while the PC is on the “house” network. You can tell by the IP address. On the 15000 you should see that on the Settings screen for WiFi. On the PC it should be available by checking properties on WiFi. These two IP addresses must be identical except for the last number in the group of 4. If any of the first 3 numbers are different, it won’t connect.

Betty S

I have not been using my 15000 for a couple of months for various reasons. Today when I tried to send a design to the machine from my laptop it would not connect. I checked the Hub manager and the machine is listed there and shown as connected. I checked the settings on the machine and the ip address etc all match those in the hub manager. Also wifi signal symbol shows on the machine. When I go into the Connection settings in MBX the machine cannot be found. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

Jim Stutsman

On of my favorite TV shows of all time is "The IT Crowd", now showing on Netflix. It's about a tech support team located in the basement of a big company. The one phrase that is used over and over throughout the series is "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" I would suggest that here. Turn off the router and the machine, maybe the computer too. Turn on the router first and wait until it has connected successfully to the Internet. Then turn on the machine and PC. This may have no effect, but it will at least refresh all of the software involved. If that doesn't help the problem is likely one of signal strength. WiFi is radio-based and requires an antenna. The antenna on the machine is buried inside it next to a large aluminum frame. This greatly reduces the strength of signals received. If you happen to have a neighbor close by who also has WiFi, and that signal is closer than your router to the machine, it may interfere with transmission to the machine. To see if that's the problem just take the machine into the room where the router is and see if you can connect. If you can, then it's a signal problem. If you still cannot, then I would set up WiFi on the machine again. If that also fails then it's time to seek professional help. First I would try Janome tech support, as they are more familiar with the process than many dealers, but seeing if it will connect to WiFi at your dealer's shop would also be a good diagnostic.

Betty S

Jim, I cannot count the number of times that I switched off the machine, the laptop and the router today! Anyway, the problem seems to be sorted out now. There was a new VPN program on the laptop which I did not really want so I deleted that and it seems to have been the culprit. Thanks!

Jim Stutsman

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It's designed to keep your information private as it's flowing through the Internet. Every piece of data going out of your computer is encrypted. That prevents anyone listening through WiFi or other means from seeing what is being sent. It goes to a VPN server somewhere in the cloud which decrypts the information and sends it to the intended destination. You've probably seen a VPN in action on TV when the good guys are trying to find the bad guys. It seems to go all over the world, through many different VPNs, so it's really hard to locate the source. This type of software is also used by people who want to seem like they are in a country other than where they actually are. For example, maybe I'm in Texas and I want to stream video from the BBC. I can use a VPN based in UK, so it looks like I'm a proper Brit. Most of the streaming services are wise to this, and use techniques to block it, but at one time VPNs were widely used this way. Now anglophiles in the US have BritBox and Acorn to get our fix of British TV so no subterfuges are needed.

But I digress. A VPN is really great for going on the Internet, but your machine isn't on the Internet. It's local. There should be an option in the VPN software to not encrypt local traffic. That would allow you to use the safety of the VPN without confusing the machine with encrypted messages.