Was Hump Jumper Now Janome feet

Andrea LaVergne

Nancy, I have both high shank and low shank "feet" for my Janome machines.  My low shank machines are 5mm and 7mm while my high shank is 9mm.  I can use my 5mm & 7mm accessory feet that do not have a "shank" on them by using a shank that was for the Janome 11,000.  You do have to check your feet to make sure that they ride on the feed dogs correctly,  When using the narrower feet you also have to make sure the stitches you use are no wider than the needle hole!  This doesn't work if you are mixing feet from a machine with a front loading bobbin with feet from a machine with a top loading bobbin.  One of my favorite feet it the B foot that hasn't been made for decades, but I kept it and have used it with all of my Janome machines, no matter the stitch width!