warning message on 12000

Sherryl Doran

I will be happily sewing along on my 12000, then suddenly, a warning message comes on that says to be sure I have the proper presser foot on. I do, so why am I getting this message. I told the repair shop about it when I took the machine in for cleaning, but they said it didn't do it when they were running it. I have determined that it USUALLY occurs after the machine has been running a while, maybe 45 minutes or so. If I am only doing regular sewing it is not really a problem, except for the annoyance of having to choose OK and then continuing. But if I am doing any decorative sewing or embroidery, BIG PROBLEM, because the machine wants to start over at the beginning of the pattern or design. Someone told me it is a sensor problem. Do I take it back to the shop and insist they run it until the warning message pops up for them? I do thoroughly clean under the stitch plate, bobbin case, etc. and it usually puts off another warning for a while.

Jim Stutsman

Yes, it's definitely a sensor that is ever so slightly on the ragged edge of being misadjusted. Next time you take it in ask them to check the sensors on pages 34-40 of the 12000 service manual. Just checking them won't take that long, and adjusting is not a big time consumer. They'll probably complain about you asking to do this, so take a plate of brownies with you. it might help!

Sherryl Doran

Thanks, Jim!

Lynne Dean

Hi Sherryl

i had this problem earlier this year.  When I asked here it was suggested that I should alter the auto presser foot pressure.  It continued so as soon as my dealer opened up after the lockdown it went for its annual service with a note detailing this problem.  According to the invoice “reset auto presser auto initialising sensor position” has cured it!

Such a relief not to have that beeper going off every few stitches.  It only does it now each time I switch between foot plates as a reminder.


Sherryl Doran

I was told changing the foot pressure might cure it, but it did not. I will note your invoice reading to the repair shop, thanks.