USB use on 15000

Jim Stutsman

There are two ways to put designs on a USB flash drive. You can plug it into your computer directly, in a USB port, or you can plug it into the machine and use a cable or WiFi to send the design from your computer to the USB. Horizon Link Suite will use either one. The File Manager in the EmbLink Tool may be what you are using. When you send a design to the USB drive, that's what it does. It does not open the design for stitching. You need to open the design on the USB drive using the Open File button at the bottom of the machine screen. This can lead to some confusion because of how the machine uses this function.
  • By default, the machine opens the EMB folder on the USB drive (which it put there during format) and the EmbF folder (also put there by format) to show the designs on the drive. If you put a design in a different folder you can still open it, but you have to use the slider at the right side of the screen to navigate to the correct folder. There are two rules that the machine lives by: 1) All designs must be in a folder. That folder contains only designs, no other folders. 2) All design folders MUST be in the EMB folder at the top level of the USB drive. The machine will not look at any other folders.
  • There are 4 sources of designs on the machine: 1) Built-in, 2) Machine memory, 3) USB 1, 4) USB 2. You can also send designs over the cable directly to the machine's Ready to Sew screen.
  • When opening designs from a file, they are grouped by the size hoop they use. If you have a design that uses the GR hoop it won't show on the SQ14 page. You will have to turn the page to see it.
  • The machine displays only 8 characters for file and folder names. "My Favorite 1" and "My Favorite 2" will both show on screen as "My Favor".
Once a design has been opened to the Ready to Sew screen you can unplug the USB drive. You don't need to use the cable if you put designs on the USB when it is plugged into your computer.

Elizabeth Mccall

 Hi Jim, Thanks so much for the quick reply and I sure will try to send relevant messages together. as you said. It must be so frustrating for you with un-related messages strung together ! I tried to send a message directly to you earlier, but it did not go through, so I needed some way to ask yo a question... sorry for bunching unlike messages together.   Thanks again ! 
 This is how  I  have been importing  designs to a USB. First I select my format , JEF  for Janome, then download one of them them to my computer, then I go to my Downloads to find that design number & physically drag & drop into the USB  that has been formatted & in my computer. I only do one design at  a time. I do not know what number of GB USB to buy for the Janome 3.0 . Perhaps I should stay using  2-8 GB .. Will 16 GB work ?.

Large USB drives will work, it just takes longer for the machine to process them. Drag & drop onto the USB drive will work ONLY if you drop it in a folder which is inside the EMB folder on the USB. Until you are used to how it works I would suggest you always drop your designs into the EmbF folder inside the EMB folder.

 I just had my machine that shop has just  closed in Taylors ,SC
Now several  dumb questions.. Do I need to have the cable plugged into the Janome when I have a USB stick in which I'm trying to send designs to ? I keep re-reading that part...

No. The cable needs to be plugged in ONLY when you are using it to send designs.

I'm note sure I use EMBLink . ...Can you tell me what that is ?

The EmbLink Tool is the first choice on the Horizon Link Suite menu.

I have all the Janome Apps on my i pad  I was looking today for my original CD that came with my machine, can't find it ! . Is it necessary if I buy another computer  or i pad.?

Yes, you will need it if you ever have to reinstall Horizon Link Suite. Never needed for iPad.
It is impossible to ever contact Janome but I do have my machine registered with the serial number ., so I really appreciate your help on matters that seem so important to sewing with confidence.I hope to get there.  I did receive Honorable Mention this Spring on my first ever quilt entry..
Elizabeth McCall
Pisgah Forest, NC .