USB cable

hi Jim: when I upgraded to Windows 10 my cable from PC to computer no longer works. Since then I’ve only used 
WiFi to send to machine from Horizon person told me Windows 10 doesn’t have a driver for cable. 
Is there a fix for this?  I was in a class a few weeks ago with a CD design and had trouble with their internet connection. I was able to transfer design to a usb flash drive but cable would have been more convenient. 
I know you don’t like PC’s but since you’re the guru of all things MC 15000 hope you have an answer. Thanks Barbara

Jim Stutsman

Horizon Link Suite does have all the necessary drivers for using a USB cable on Windows 10. If you upgraded from an older version of Windows, it's likely that the driver installed for that version is no longer the right one. Open Horizon Link Suite and find Jsmc862Installer at the end of the main menu. Click that to install the driver again. That should fix the problem.

If it doesn't, there is a (very small) chance that the USB port on the machine is no longer functioning. That can be checked using someone else's computer to try to connect. You could also try a different cable to eliminate that possibility. I doubt this is the issue, but if all else fails it's worth investigating.

As usual: you are a genius and can answer and solve most of our problems. Never even noticed that at end of menu.. it worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Barbara
Have sure missed you and Diane since you semi-retired and closed the store. Think of you guys every time I drive by old store. Say hi to Diane for me. I finally retired 2 years ago and love it