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Well I did it
After spending 2 hours yesterday looking and playing with the 12000 again I have placed my order for it. The $8,000 also includes the 3160, trolley bag and two ?DVD / programs with more embroidery designs. Will be about a week till I get it. Paid a deposit and I was given the 3160 to bring home today. The 12000 without the embroidery attacmenrt will fit in my Horizon 7700 table which is great - and I have had a table top insert made for the table and extension behind so will be able to put complete unit on this table too.
Can't wait

Cooloola QLD

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Also forgot to mention that I got him to go down $900 from the 1st price he quoted me, so you might be able to haggle a little bit.

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I traded in a 6 month old 11000 and also got a 3160 for my "class" machine. My dealer also gave it to me as part of the deal, along with exchanging my 24x32 sew steady table for one that fits the 12000, and I traded in a roller bag for my 11000 for a smaller one to fit the 3160 with no price difference (he should have made money on it because it was about $130 when I bought it and I only used it twice and the retail for the new bag was $70). He was pretty insistent that that would be the machine I would want for classes. I was willing to take a lesser model, but he didn't think I'd be happy and didn't even really quote me a price for anything else. If you figure that supposedly you can get the 12000 for $9000 ($12,000 retail) and the 3160 is $699 (supposedly $1000 retail), I got about $3500 for my 11000. I paid $5000 for it, which unfortunately was more than I should have. I bought it at a different dealer, and I found out later that the dealer I bought the 12000 from was selling it for $3800 at the same time I bought mine. So I lost some money in the deal but that was mostly because I paid too much for the 11000 to begin with. Oh, also got 48 mos. 0% financing.

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