Update computer to Windows 10

cnystul in Mn.

Jim I have two machines, 11000 and 12000. I need to update to Windows 10. Will I be able to transfer the software over, or what will I have to do? I'm scared to death to make this switch. Please any suggestions? Thank you! Cathy

Jim Stutsman

The answer depends somewhat on what you mean by "update":
Possibility 1 - Buy a new copy of Windows and install it on an existing computer.
Possibility 2 - Buy a new computer that has Windows 10 already installed on it. This would basically be any new Windows computer.

If you choose Possibility 1, then you will not have to transfer any software. It will still be there after the update. Possibility 2 will NOT transfer software. You will need to reinstall from the original CD/DVD and re-download all updates. Your 11000 Customizer software is built for 32-bit processors. There is an update for that. Windows 10 is pretty much universally 64-bit, so the USB driver for direct connection to the machine will not work. However any USB flash drives will continue to work. Horizon Suite for the 12000 will work, but you may need to download the 1.2 update if you have a version 1.2 12000.

With Possibility 2 you will have to reinstall all of your existing software on the new computer. This usually involves downloading updates after installing, especially if the original software on CD/DVD was not made for Windows 10. There is software sold that claims it will transfer everything from one computer to another, but I'm dubious about that. Programs installed on Windows have bits and pieces tucked away all over the computer, and may have hidden copy protection elements as well. Places that sell computers, like Best Buy, may offer a service to transfer everything, but the Geek Squad "technicians" doing the transferring are usually not very experienced and definitely won't be familiar with sewing software. You're better off saving your money and doing it yourself.

All that said, when it comes time to update there are some things you should do:
1. Back up the C drive of your current computer to an external hard drive. You may already have a backup drive, so just do a new backup to be sure. If you don't have an external drive, get one before you start. It should have at least as much capacity as your current hard drive. If you are moving to a new computer, get one at least as large as the new computer's hard drive. This software is good for making the backup.

2. Pick a day for the project. Allow the entire day. It may only take a couple of hours, but you need to allow for things to go wrong. Work carefully, read every screen prompt before clicking, and don't be rushed.

3. If you are moving to a new computer, there may be an option to copy data from your old computer, or from your backup drive. This won't copy programs, but it can save you time and help you get the new computer looking more like the one you are used to.

Hope this helps!

cnystul in Mn.

Thank you Jim for the help on the update. I think I will just update on my computer. I think it will be a lot easier. Again thank you...Cathy