Trouble with a design

Shirley Allen

Jim,  I downloaded a design from Birochka embroideries, but am having trouble with the download to my machine (Elna 920)  The design is a fsl bee with wings.  The bee has downloaded fine but the wings no.  The wings are very translucent.  Is it because it is not picking the design up ?  I have Janome software & have downloaded many designs before with no problems.  It says it has downloaded but at the sewing machine there is nothing there in the folder.  Any suggestions?  I did e-mail the site I bought it from no answer yet.  Shirley

Jim Stutsman

The usual cause for this kind of problem is due to the design either being too large for the hoop or having too many stitches. It can also happen if the design is coded to use a hoop that is too small for the design. For example, a design that is made for a 5 x 7 hoop contains a code indicating the Janome 5 x 5 hoop. The machine will reject this for safety.

If you open the design that you are having trouble with in your Janome software you should be able to tell if it falls outside the hoop or has too many stitches. If it won't open in your software try using a non-Janome program such as Buzz Tools or Embird. That will let you see how it is positioned. You can then rotate it, if needed, or just save it back to a new JEF file. I have used Digitizer to fix many designs that have an incorrect hoop code. Keep in mind that some machines, like Brother, will automatically rotate a design to make it fit the hoop. Janome does not. Most designers use one of the many third-party format changers to create the formats they sell. Not all of them will do the rotation, so you wind up with a design that is perfectly fine IF rotated the right way.

Shirley Allen

Jim,  Thank you again as I went to my Buzz Tools software & I was able to transfer it to the usb with no problems. The wings were only 3.28x0.61 so it was not the space with only 1699 stitches & one thread chg.  Anyway when you suggested Buzz it worked Thanks again.  PS This is for a quilt that will be in our Quilt show & I got a spot on it so the bee is very important.  Will send pics when I can