Traveling with my MC 150000

Theresa Lindal

Do I have to pack my 15000 a certain way when I travel.  Don’t have original box.


Lyn Quine

If I was taking the 15000 out, I would make sure it was in a bag that is on wheels, too heavy to carry, but even then I would pad it all round with fabric etc making sure the screen is well protected, if the embroidery arm is going too I would take it off and carry it in it’s bag.  Don’t lift the machine with the arm attached it can damage the back of the machine.  The only bag I’ve found that’s big enough is the Tutto XL, I Would use that to take it for servicing.  But in honesty I don’t take anywhere but for it’s spa weekend with the dealer.  But I still have the original box in case it ever needs to go back to Janome and that means a courier and I definitely would trust a courier with it in a bag even padded out.

I had to buy a new box for my 12000 and it cost £60! So that it could go back to Janome, I still had the original box but it wasn’t fit for purpose it was too damaged to entrust into a couriers hands and JAnome wouldn’t accept it back 8n anything other than original packaging.

Ceil J

My dealer told me the safest place for my machine is on the floor behind the driver.  That's where I put it (inside a towel) whenever it goes for servicing.  He told me do not put it on a seat with a seatbelt as the screen could crack.  No case needed.