Trade-up -repair Original 15000

Bryden Shiells

One suggestion which I saw on another brand list (cannot remember which) is to use the gadget which holds the needle while you insert it into the machine, and thread it then – before it is in the machine and you have tightened the screw.


Seemed like a good idea…..



Cheryl Paul

I open these on my regular email program, so I cannot remember who started this thread about “trading up or fixing”.

My thoughts, I did get the Continental M17 and I love it, but it is very expensive from any Janome machine that I’ve ever purchased (I”m sure my Grandson, would have liked that money to buy a new car or at least good used one). I’m not at all sorry I did this. However, whatever you decide it is definitely worth fixing your 15000 unless you trade it in. I suggest that you try to sell it first privately as you will probably do better with a “cash” deal for the new machine.

As for the needle threader: My dealer and the repair technician (Janome certified) tell me that needle threaders are the weak link in ALL sewing machines of every brand. I know some who have never had an issue with a needle threader, but I replaced many little hooks on my Janome MC6000, my 10000 was good, but the 11000 a few issues - no parts replacements, but it would be off sometimes, the 12000 was good, but I didn’t have it very long as the 15000 came out so soon after it. My 15000 had many issues even after the 110% “good” was there and suppose to have fixed the issue. My CM17 is now on the fritz and I believe that the little hook is bent or perhaps even broken. It worked one threading and a few minutes later, it was a disaster. Now I’ve not had any problems with my little 4120, my M7, S9 or my sergers, but they don’t have the “auto” function either - I’m the motor. The M7 and S9 have the same looking threader, and that little hook moves so fast, that I can’t see it actually going through the needle eye, but I expect I could end up with a repair or either of those 2 as well but I certainly hope not. Also, I will add that when the CM17 decided to break, I was using the same type of thread, but as I was sewing a few different fabrics at the time, I might have changed the needle, but not during the time I threaded the machine and the time where it didn’t thread … go figure.

Don’t trade your machine because of a needle threader - that is my advice. Do the trade if you will be happy to have a new machine in your sewing room and you can afford it - that’s the first reason why I bought the CM17 and I’m so glad I did.

Cheryl - Saskatoon