Totally Jammed up!!!!


This is for Jim.  Good morning ...I'll try my best to explain.  Just recently upgraded. ...I've been working on rug with zigzag the course of it I don't remember having to retread the needle throughout the project.  Went to change thread up top.....needle up and down, then lock machine to thread. jammed up with warnings. ...did all that and nothing.  Horrible sound of needle shutter...but it was really the threader making the noise.  Bar for needle threader was in lower part of bar(under the part that brings it up )....since I have 2 of these...I went and looked at the position of the other and discovered that the position of the bar should be in the highest position.  What happened was...the part that pushes down the needle threader was below where it should of been. Took 4 screws off...manipuliated it to being on top of that bar..and worked. Fixed it.  
Tested needle threader...all good.  But the moral of this.  When doing zigzag...and using new needle does NOT go into center position to thread prior to threading.  That's how it got jammed in the first place.  Is this something you've come across before or is it just my machine? I'm lucky I'm a techie and not afraid to jump in since dealer is 3 hrs away.  
Thanks for any input on this!


The 15000 came out after we closed our store, so I have not had much repair experience with it. However I have seen this particular issue on other models with a motorized threader, and the fix is just what you did. Since I only ever saw the machine after somebody brought it in, I had no frame of reference as to what the cause was. Your hypothesis is plausible, and may be a factor.