Top thread not catching bobbin thread

Livin inSP

I was embroidering on my 15000 and I keep getting message "thread break" only after a few stitches. After 3 hours of frustration, I switched to regular sewing but it also shows same message after a few stitches. What I noticed is top thread is not picking up bobbin thread and top thread is showing loops on bottom/wrong side of fabric. My machine has been upgraded to Quiltmaker last year & I have not had this trouble with embroidering or sewing before. I had a mishap a few weeks ago where my excess fabric was caught into the embroidery area & the machine made a clunk sound. I was able to remove it carefully & slowly but I think now I must have damaged the bobbin case or something else? I have looked at it carefully for any nicks or scratches but cannot see any. I did emborider a few more designs after the mishap with no problems but I haven't used the machine for 3 weeks & now this is happening. Before I take it in (I have to travel far & it's so heavy), I would like to know if there is an easy fix - something I've overlooked?  I have changed needle & thread & keep bobbin area clean after each use.

Jim Stutsman

Not picking up the bobbin thread could be due to the timing being off, which can happen if there is a sever jam. It can also be caused by the spring in the stopper (silver metal piece with the red arrow at the 5 o'clock position next to the bobbin case) being bent or broken. Looping could be a tension issue or check spring problem. None of these are things you can do anything about, so you should have a technician take a look at it.

Livin inSP

THANK YOU so much for your prompt reply and help. I am taking my machine in for service.