Tieoffs vs jumpstitches on MC500e

Kathy Strabel

Greetings Janome users:  I have  a question about setting tieoffs at the end of each letter or each word when doing lettering. I use Embird,  version 2021, and consulted with their guru and I found that it depends on the machine's ability to read the new settings necessary to perform this task.  So.......does anyone know if the MC500e machine is capable of doing this task of substituting tieoffs for jumps?    OR------does anyone know of any third party design company that already has the individual  tieoffs programmed into the alphabets?  (I don't even know if this last question  is even a possibility). 

I found out  through the Embird guru, that the process to set up the tieoffs on each character or word is complicated but I would like to eliminate jumpstitches on the face of the embroidery if possible.   "If Possible" being the main question. Trying to set this up only to find that the machine does not even "know" how to do it makes no sense and a waste of time.  (and brain cells!!!). 

I am trying to save time, though. I spend a LOT of time trimming those pesky jumpstitches on the front of embroideries. And some digitizers place running stitches instead of one long stitch to bridge a short distance--1/2" or so sometimes. Those running stitches are murder to remove.  I use very sharp and very thin -bladed Kai scissors to do the trimming, but occasionally I will accidentally snip a couple of the embroidery threads and that pretty much ruins the project.  AARGGHHHH!!!!  

I generally use block style letters in my projects and I have seen a sample made by someone else that had a small, neat tieoff with short tails on each separate letter and no jumps on the face.  Occasionally I use a longhand type of alphabet, which I believe would work with only a tieoff at the beginning and the end of the whole word, and not with each individual letter.     

Am I asking for the impossible??!!!     

I find this to be one of the most helpful Groups online!!!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA