Threader on MC 500E

Kathy Strabel

I am doing some sample stitch-outs for some vintage-look handkerchief designs.  I have been changing thread colors and stitching merrily along....but all of a sudden, the needle threader balks. The little handle that you push down to activate it pushes all the way down, but the "business end" of the threader only twists  about halfway the amount it needs to in order to put the thread through the eye. It has worked 25 times today, but the last couple of attempts the mechanism just balks. It feels a little "sticky". I put a drop of machine oil on the articulations on the mechanism that twists to deliver the thread---but nothing.  I have the foot down and out of the way, the needle is in its highest position, as it always has been engaging the threader. I have re-threaded the machine, (don't know if that would have any effect, but hey....any port in a storm...).  There is no thread caught in the threader or anywhere else I can see.  As I said, it has been working flawlessly all morning, then--poof!---it does not function. I have not had any thread nests, nor bobbin tangles, nor any pulling of stitches or eating of fabric down the hole in the needle plate ....nada, zilch, zero. It simply changed from working to not working between 2 thread changes. Same brand and weight thread. Any ideas????   Thanks and enjoy the holiday weekend safely!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA