Livin inSP

Hello, I have used the THREADBOOK app since it first came out. I recently started having problems when I open it up. When I try to use it, it takes me back to my home screen on my IPAD almost immediately within 10 seconds or less. I am using the original Apple Ipad Air that came with my Janome 15000. I have other apps that are all still working properly so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?  I did recently upated my Ipad. It updated to IOS 12.5.7 Could that have something to do with it?

Jim Stutsman

What you are describing is an app crash. It most likely is happening because there is a change in iOS 12.5.7 that the app is not compatible with. Unfortunately we are no longer able to update that version. I have made two major updates that vastly improve the app, but the oldest one requires at least iOS 14. Your iPad cannot be updated to that version. When it comes to updating hardware, Apple does not try to support older hardware. It’s a tough problem, because supporting old hardware leads to a lot of extra code and weird (meaning hard to fix) bugs. This was a major problem for Windows, as they tried to support software from very old versions. I’m sorry to say there is nothing we can do to fix this for you.

Livin inSP

THANK YOU so much for your prompt response. I try to keep notes on things you have recommended. Would you recommend that I purchase a new IPad? I really like using the ThreadBook app. It saves me lots of time. I have saved your advice regarding IPadOS on one of your discussion topics.  Would a 10" Ipad Pro be a good choice at this time or is there now something better? I am not computer savvy, so this is all new to me. Would appreciate your advice.