Thread cutter

William D Lawson

Well, I got my machine back from my dealer.  I took it in to be cleaned and checked out. I was not having any issues with it at all.  Just thought it needed a spa day.

Now when I use the thread cutter, the thread cuts so short that the needle comes unthreaded every time!  I did notice that the thread is very taut and it stretches out when cut and snaps up to unthread the needle. What do I do?  Should I loosen the top thread so the needle stays threaded? Or just not use it.   I never had this problem before. I loved my thread cutter.  I did retread the machine but it didn’t make a difference.

He also said he adjusted my needle threader. There was nothing wrong with my needle threader.  It was working just fine. Now it gets caught just a little bit while threading and makes a little click. 

My dealer is an hour away so I don’t want to make that trip if it is not necessary.  Thanks in advance for all your assistance,  
‘Gwen Lawson. 

Cheryl Paul

Hi Gwen,

It sounds like your dealer made a few tweaks to your machine when he serviced it. Look in your settings and see if there is a place where you can add/subtract length of the cut for the thread. As for your thread cutter: there have been so many issues with the thread cutter that the technician might just automatically check it as it might have become very routine for him to do that, even though yours was working fine. I’ve taken my 15000 in many times to have the thread cutter “fixed” and it threaded 10 out of 10 for me and 0 out of 10 for me and that was immediately after I set it back up on my sewing table - “go figure”. Now I try it twice on any machine and if it doesn’t thread then I do the old way and that isn’t always easy as my eyes aren’t what they were when I started my sewing journey 50 some years ago when thread cutters weren’t even on a sewing machine and we were lucky to have a “zig zag” and a few decorative stitches IF we could afford such a machine.

I wouldn’t make a special trip to have those things adjusted but I sure would make it know that “what worked before” isn’t working now and will they honour the fix for “FREE” if you bring it in when it is convenient to you.

Cheryl - Saskatoon