Thread book


Hi Jim or digi clever people 
I have Thead book on my iPad and iPhone , it updates when I turn it on no probs , and both saved to sync to the cloud , but I’ve added thread on my iPhone yet it doesn’t show on my iPad so have to add again ? Can u update your library to sync with other devices 

Jim Stutsman

The synching is handled behind the app by Apple. In order for updates to appear on other devices these things have to be in place:
  • All devices must be connected to the same iCloud account.
  • Devices will not synch unless they are connected to the Internet.
  • If offline temporarily (e.g. Airplane mode), synch will occur after the device goes online.
  • Synching is not instant. It's a low-priority notification that gets sent to the device when it's not busy.
I am currently preparing an update which should go out early next week. Updating is on the change list, as it has the potential to update unnecessarily. I'll double check the iCloud synch while testing in case there are bugs there as well.

I will also be replacing the Glide library, as it has been brought to my attention that the colors are inaccurate. This might be due to changes in the line, or different colors being used in different countries. In order to keep from causing issues with those who have already used the existing library, it will be retained but labeled "Obsolete". If you have been getting bad matches to Glide, stand by, help is on the way!


Thanks for the info Jim , all my devices sung to the same iCloud account and both on house Wi-fi etc ..l will next turn both off and then on again and see if the synch takes place , if not I will do a test to see if I add to my iPad if it syncs to my phone quicker .. 
thank you for your response and great hard work on thread book