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Kathy Strabel

Janome folks:  A big THANK YOU for those who read my thread regarding the bouncing, noisy bobbin. I am sooooo glad the problem has been solved by the shop.   I appreciate all the suggestions and comments.   I will tell you that I have stopped using generic pre-wound bobbins, even Janome pre-wounds. After checking the pre-wounds in my stash, I was somewhat amazed at how poor the quality was--most had some sort of flaw or burr present.I then purchased a box of the pink, Cherry Blossom special edition bobbins and a spool of Janome bobbin thread and wound my own bobbins.  I use the pink bobbins exclusively for embroidery, so if I see a pink bobbin, I know it is Janome 90 weight bobbin thread on it. The pink bobbins come in a good plastic, see-through box, so I can see at a glance what I am looking for in my sewing drawer.   I should say that I have quit using the pre-wounds for embroidery, but I have not encountered any problems with generic or other pre-wound bobbins for my sewing-only machines----a Janome Skyline 7 and a Pfaff from the 80s.  Neither of them do embroidery; they are reserved for ordinary sewing.    Nevertheless, I also ordered a bag of  25 Janome branded bobbins which I will phase in as the generics and pre-wounds are used up.  In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. Might as well use the Janome brand with my Janome machines.
Happy stitchuing!!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

Cat - N

Kathy, about 6 years ago, I also bought the pink Cherry Blossom bobbins and the blue Janome bobbins as well, with much the same idea in mind...winding different kinds of threads on the different colors.  I never did it, my colorful Janome bobbins are still pristine...a darling collection...LOL...because I elected to use Janome (only) prewounds and already had a bunch of clear Janome bobbins...but I definitely got a chuckle seeing you established a 'bobbin code' for yourself, too.   (I also have a 'pin code' which I find extremely useful. LOL)  But the 'colored bobbins' idea is IMHO a great idea because you really CAN tell at a glance what weight/type thread is on it if you follow whatever 'bobbin code' you set up for your colored bobbins.  Kudos!!!

I am so happy that you are able to use your machine now.  You went through a terrible experience.  I wasn't any help at all...I don't have the kind of machine you have, so my only contribution was a 'sympathetic ear' following your progress in the hope that it was resolved quickly...I was also very interested in the root cause and the fix. We do what we must and what works for us, so we should definitely feel good when we find solutions to our individual machine problems!  Congrats!!!

Thanks for sharing the issue and solution.  It is really good to know what actually happened.

- Cat