Sending design from PC to 15000

Carole O'Mara

I tried sending a design from the PC to the 15000 over WiFi.  I got a message that there is a connection error, check WiFi settings.  I did and all settings are correct and have a WiFi signal on machine. I can print from the PC to the printer to get design template.   Nothing has changed with our home WiFi.  Since I wanted to get this small embroidery design done, I direct connected the PC to the 15000.  I have my designs on a USB sticks (back ups) and tried sending the design from the USB stick.  Still, no design sent.  Recently I used an Acufil design for a quilt border and also did a small embroider project and sent it over WiFi--no problem.    Machine is just over 1 year old with less than 15 hours on it.  Any suggestions before I take this to my dealer?

Jim Stutsman

Your dealer would be able to confirm that the machine works on the store's WiFi, but not much else. If I understand correctly, you were able to send over WiFi until now. There are a lot of things that can affect a WiFi signal, including microwaves (while operating), cordless phones (but not cell phones), and neighbor WiFi. This last one could be a problem. From my office I can see 12 different WiFi networks in addition to my own. WiFi in the machine is fairly low power, and the antenna is buried inside the case, surrounded by metal and wires that reduce signal strength. If your router is further away than a neighbor's router, it might be overwhelming the machine's WiFi. Here's what I would suggest:
  1. First open Communication Settings and confirm that EmbLink Tool is still set for WiFi. If it's not, correct it. Even if it is, use the Search button to see if it can see the machine. If it does, then you can move to step 3.
  2. Confirm that the machine is on your home network. Use the Settings option on the machine to get the IP address. Then get the IP address of your computer (How to Find Your IP Address on Windows 10). The two should match in the first 3 numbers, but not the last number. If they don't, reset the machine's WiFi and reconnect. Some routers have a "guest" network and the machine could be on the wrong one. After resetting go back to step 1 and try again. If it won't reset move on to step 3.
  3. Move your machine as close to the router as you can, temporarily. Try to set the WiFi. If it connects, try sending a design. If that works, then the issue is either signal interference (80-90% probability) or the antenna in the machine is disconnected (10-20%). Failure to connect would suggest a dealer trip. The WiFi board may have failed. It will be covered by warranty, though the labor to change it out may not be. Your dealer will likely have to order the board.
  4. If you get this far the problem may be interference. There's almost nothing you can do if it's neighborhood WiFi, short of covering your outside walls with aluminum foil. (Bonus - keeps the government from reading your thoughts and protects you from deadly alien space rays!) If it's microwave, ban cooking while you're sewing. If it's a cordless phone, chuck it out - nobody needs to be calling you while you're sewing!

Carole O'Mara

Thank you, Jim.  In frustration I shut down everything--15K and PC connection settings, and WiFi.  When I restarted all, everything came back.  We'd had a power surge the day before and that may have been enough to change the settings and cause them to fail.  I can send wirelessly, with USB direct, and find my designs on my back up thumb drives.  I love when a plan comes together!  Thanks again for you help.  
Carole - Colorado