Satin Stitch problems

Mary Mills

Hello, I have the new Janome S9 machine and attempting to do a 'quilt as you go' quilt.   The blocks are mainly applique and Satin stitch is used to cover the edges of some of the applique.   on most blocks the stitching is perfect and then on others I cannot get the satin stitch part to sew out, it will stitch maybe 3 or 4 stitches and the thread snaps and I get the re-thread message.  I have changed, needles, bobbins, bobbin holders, threads, even moved the threads to another thread holder all to no avail.  I usually have to finish the block using the machine satin stitching.   Anyone know what else I can do, would rather not take it to a mechanic if I can fix it myself, thanks and regards, Mary

Joyce VanAtta

Does this happen when you change thread colors?
My 11000 did this when I did not have it threaded correctly.
Now I hold the thread with both hands and listen for it
to give a little click.  Then it is fine.  Take your time
and thread it slowly and carefully.

I hope it will help.

Mary Mills

Thanks Joyce, unfortunately no, it is half way through stitching the satin stitch line, just refuses to go on any further!  It will sew out three or four blocks perfectly and then no go!   I picked up the trick of listening to the thread 'click' from this group previously.   I usually have to finish the block by hand which is annoying.   Thanks for replying, regards, Mary


It might be helpful to know more details. What type of stabilizer are you using? It may be breaking down after a lot of stitches, allowing the fabric to move too much. Are you using batting? Thin or thick? Have you adjusted the height of the presser foot?

cas <cassweet@...>

Do you use fusible?  Could it be clogging up the needle or something?  I’ve noticed sometimes if I use some types of fusible it really gums up everything.


Mary Mills

Thanks Cas, but no, not using a fusible, don't particularly like them.   I'm using a thin fabric stabilizer in the hoop, then I add a thin cotton wadding and the first layer of fabric on top, that is sewn into a block then the applique fabric added.   I know this machine does not like particular brands of  thread and will accept others.   Its not a tension problem as other blocks sew like a dream.   Thanks, regards, Mary

Mary Mills

Not tried adjusting the height of the pressure foot, I'll read up on it and and see if that works, thank you!  regards, Mary

B Diane Landon

Mary Mills, it sounds like your satin stitch is too dense which happens usually when someone “shrinks” the design. If this happens always in same spot of design contact the designer because it’s a design flaw.
I LOVE doing my quilt blocks on my S9. Some designers are better than others.

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Mary Mills

Yes I though that too so sewed it out on my Janome 11000SE without any problems, can't figure out what is going on.  I like to take the S9 to craft group as I can take the embroidery arm off and carry it separately in its own case.  Getting old now and can't manage the weight of the newer machines, thanks for your comments, regards, Mary


Have you broken any needles on the S9? When a design consistently messes up in the same spot repeatedly, it's often because the presser foot and/or needle plate has a nick in it that catches the thread. This was particularly bad on machines like your 11000SE that use a plastic presser foot for embroidery. You should also remove the needle plate and check the bobbin case for damage, top and bottom. If the case is not completely smooth you will have problems.