Rethinking the HP foot

cas <cassweet@...>

I know I’ve said I didn’t like it, but after reading your notes I tried it again. It works wonderfully if you’re doing complex patchwork such as this Jinny Beyer’s Cosmos quilt I’m working on.  Many of the sections include 1” inset seams.  That little foot is invaluable when trying to maneuver around the pivots. 


Also, it seems to be feeding better.  I think when I tried it previously I had my feed dogs clogged up with paper bits from paper piecing foundation paper.  I had tried a new brand and really dislike it for that reason!  It was Carol Doak foundation piecing paper, and is kind of like coloring book paper.  It shreds easily and has a lot of dust. I’m going back to using June Taylor foundation paper, but I digress..


As mentioned previously, it works great for the accurate ¼”.  With this pattern, many of the pieces are odd shape and different sizes, fussy cut around a template, and the seam has to be stitched exactly on the line, from point to point ¼” from the edge of the patch.  Since the pieces are odd shaped it would be hard to see the exact stitching line with my regular “O” foot/patchwork setup.


Happy stitching and have a wonderful Summer everyone!