RED FACED - I WAS WRONG! Mess stabilizer test - I gave wrong information

Charlene Kay Bergren

Hi Everyone – I am writing with a RED FACE – I WAS WRONG when I told everyone where I located the “No Show Mesh Stabilizer” made with nylon.  I had actually purchased it from Amazon and it is “NEW brothread”

No Show Mesh Stabilizer.  I had order several things that day – and got the packing slips mixed up – MY COMPLETE FAULT!


I DID NOT order this from DIME.  Please, please accept my apology for giving you the incorrect supplier. 


The label does say it is made of “100% embossed nylon”. 


I still have not used it – but will report on it as soon as I do.


I wanted to correct my unfortunate ERROR! 


Again, I’m so sorry!