RE18 Hoop

Cynthia Dickerson

I still am having trouble everytime I want to use this hoop.  I thought I had it working last time, but the hoop does not show up again on my hoop list.  I got out the directions and there are no directions for the Quilt Maker.  I only have one page of hoops on my list.  I know there should be a page two and the RE18 should be on it.  I really don't know where to go from here.  Anyone else have trouble with this hoop showing up?

Jim Stutsman

From your previous posts I see that you have the 15000. Go to page 141 in the Quilt Maker 15000 manual and see item 12. It shows how to get to hoop RE18.

Lyn Quine

When viewing the page of hoops you should have a slider on the right hand side of the screen, press the down arrow the bottom of the slider that should take you to the second page.  If you haven’t got the second page you haven’t got access to the ASQ22 quilt hoop or the hat hoop.  The ASQ22 hoop came with the machine.  Can you see at the top right of the page of hoop it should say 1/2 which indicates there’s a second page.

Cynthia Dickerson

Thank you Jim and Lyn for your fast replies!!  I was able to get my designs all loaded and this time I wrote down my directions.  I sew everyday but embroidery not so much anymore.  NOW it is going to change, my grandchildren are all getting to the high school age and don't want anything embroidered but I am going to be a great grandma in May and I am starting over.  I am making tons of receiving blankets and a quilt.  I hope these young girls still use receiving blankets!!  I am sure I will be getting back into the embroidery mode now!!