Question regarding stitch out

judyjanome <judyjanome@...>

I have the new Janome 12000. I did own the 11000 when it first came out. So I am familar with the quaility of this company. I also own the Viking Diamond. Recently when a friend and I took a road trip we both purchased the 12000. Our first project was a in the hoop christmas tree. We both used WSS (aqua magic), Robinson Anton thread both in the needle and bobbin case. She used the bobbin with the yellow dot, I FORGOT and used the regular case. We started out with the janome red needle and stitched to the blue. The outcome for both of us was less that perfect as we both had the thread sucked down into the bobbin case while doing the satin stitches. After cleaning the bobbin case out it would work for some time only to have the same thing happen again. Also forgot to mention we used the batting which was recommended for the project. I also stitched this out on my other machine without the thread being pulled to the bobbin case. My dealer is 6 hours away and I have been trying to call Janome but they are in training today. I love this machine and I am sure the both of my machines will compliment each other. I am going to post pictures. They look beautiful but I just want to figure out why this is happening. Judy