Pressure on presser foot


I am getting near constant “beeping” to make sure the correct foot is attached.  I’m using “A” and “O” and stitching is just fine.  I have gone into Settings as Jim previously suggested and adjusted pressure foot to plus 1, plus 2 and plus 3 with no success.  Then I started going negative — still no success.  Is there anything else I can do before I take the machine (12000) in for professional adjustment?  I can’t figure out why this started happening so frequently.

Lynda Lu Gibb

I had this problem on my 12000, I was advised to take the throat plate off and GENTLY clean the sensor area at the top right corner. That tip fixed that issue for me. The other suggestion I was given was to change out the throat plate to the other one to see if it happened with either. If you have the single needle holed plate on but are trying to sew the wrong stitch for it that could also trigger that warning.

Judy Albert

I have the same problem with my 12000

Judy in NoVA