pre wound bobbins


when i got my 12000 they gave me pre woundand they fit to snug. you have to remove some thread until they drop in easily.
linda in CA

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I love the Janome blue and red tip needles. I'm thinking maybe it is because as soon as I got my 1st Janome (the 11000) I started using those needles because they came with the machine; and what I really loved was the machine itself not necessarily the needles. But since then, I pretty much only use Janome needles.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether the Janome needles are better than Schmetz needles? I have a whole bunch of them I could use up instead of buying more Janome ones.

Also since the Janome needles are made by Organ, are they equivalent to a certain Organ needle. I know the blue tip is a 12 and the red is a 14 but are they microtex, or embroidery, or universal or something else?


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I would avoid using the type L bobbins, as they are too short for the 12000. Yes, they work, but they will start bouncing around as they get low. It would be better to wind them off onto a Janome bobbin. Janome bobbins are class 15, which is equivalent to size A.

Schmetz needles are fine. You can use your Inspira (Pfaff) needles, but when they are gone you may find that Organ needles are less expensive. Janome needles are made by Organ.

You can register your machine here:
The link for Horizon 12000 registration is in the top right corner of the page.

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Hello Everyone,
I have just purchaed a new Hoizon 12000 and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I am trying to play with computer program and have got the connection going but can see that I am going to have to play with it for a long time. I have a couple of basic questions for now.
Can we use pre-wound L bobbins for the embroidery or do we need to wind our own bobbins? Can we use Inspira or Schmitz needles? Is there a place online that we should register our machines? I didn't see a warranty cardto mail in or an online link for this. Thanks for advance.
Barbara from Maine