New iPad problems

darlene Reese

Hi there.
i have recently purchased an iPad 128, replacing my iPad 32 which seems to not hold a charge for very long any more.
it seems that everything transferred over to the new one, but when I try to download a pattern from my Juju files, it sends it in a zip file to iCloud, and I don’t know how to pick it up.
on my old one, when I wanted to download a pattern, it would give me many options, and I usually chose the AirStitch option, then transferred it to a file in my Dropbox, Apps, Artistic .
what step am I missing on the setup so that I can transfer it this way on my new iPad?

i am completely lost.
i have checked the Dropbox file and iCloud, but it isn’t there.
can you help me?
thank you in advance.

Jim Stutsman

The downloaded zip file doesn't actually "go" anywhere until you get it from Safari. This page explains the process:

If your iPad is new it is most likely using iOS 13. Once you have the file and clicked the circled arrow, as explained in the above link, you can tap the Zip file and it will be unzipped into a folder with the same name. Tap that and you'll see all of the designs ready to use.

darlene Reese

Thank you for your prompt response. I will print out that information so I can follow the steps correctly. What would we do without you and Diane..       you are both so knowledgeable.