New IPad decision

Melanie Dumas

I have the original Janome IPad from my MC15000. As I have upgraded my MemoryCraft to the Quiltmaker 15000, I would like to upgrade my IPad as well, any ideas on what type/types would work best. Thank you.

Jim Stutsman

I would suggest getting the latest generation iPad just to make it last as long as possible to avoid it becoming obsolete. This page will show you the options. I would recommend not getting the lowest price model in any category, just because that means it has the least amount of storage. For some models you only have two storage options, but if there are more the second option should be fine.


I have a 5 year old IPad Air 2 with lightening connector and all my Janome and Jim’s apps are in there .. at Xmas I received the new iPad Pro , with big storage , only prob is I use the iPad usb to transfer files off my iPad to my non janome WiFi machines and the new iPads are C connectors so my iexpand now won’t fit ! 

Jim Stutsman

This should take care of that problem and also allow you to use any USB flash drive with the iPad Pro:

Lyn Quine

I have one of those USB double ended gadgets, but it no longer works on my iPad because the app for it hasn’t been updated to the V13.  I can still use it as a normal USB but it no longer downloads on the iPad, and definitely doesn’t work on my iPad Pro.