Needle threader

Patricia Finnegan

Jim, when I turn on my 15000, I get this message "Raise Presser Foot and Needle Bar, then turn power on again." ( I have done this several times and it still does not work.) It is also making a grinding noise. Is there an easy fix for me to do. I used it yesterday and had no problem with the needle threader, I was doing regular sewing with the machine. Thanks for any help or advice. Patti Finnegan


The message is generic and basically means that one of the self-tests failed. The grinding noise can be coming from more than one source, but your subject suggests it's the needle threader. It may be jammed, or the position sensor may not be working. Try using a screwdriver to move it slightly down. You can do this if you open the door on the machine. The black shaft has a slot in the bottom for screwdriver use. Just a turn or two may be enough. If that doesn't work you'll need service. Even if it does work, if it happens again I would have it looked at.

Patricia Finnegan

Jim I took my machine to the dealer and it was an adjustment to the needle threader. I sure do miss you and Diane with the sewing room. Hugs to both of you. PattiĀ