Needle plate problems

Renee Wojnowski

I’m at a retreat, with my S9.  We’re doing embroidery. The straight stitch needle plate will not snap into place. Other people tried to snap it in as well. The zigzag needle plate snaps no problem. 

The hp plate had been on prior to this. I did turn the machine off and on, and I tried attaching with the embroidery module attached and no attached. 


I had a similar problem with my 15000, ended up buying a new stitch plate. 

Jim Stutsman

Look at the both the straight stitch and zigzag plates from the bottom. At a retreat, with lots of machines around, maybe it got mixed up with someone else's plate for a different model. Also make sure that tabs on the left end of the plate are not bent. There is a little metal block on the bottom the triggers a sensor on the machine. It should be in the same place and in the same position on both plates. If all else fails, you can embroider with the zigzag plate. It's OK to do that.