Metalllic Thread Spindle

Anne <csarina43@...>

I use quite a lot of metalic thread and use a jeans needle or the special mettalica needles, depending on what I am sewing; because the eye is bigger there is less 'rub' on the thread as it goes through the needle, so the thread does not get 'hot' and break.

I have a thread stand which takes a single reel of thread and I stand it away from the machine to the back, using the little thread feeder thet fits in the second reel holder on top of the machine I thread it in the usual way, by the time the thread gets to the tension discs the 'kinks' thahe straightened out. I must admit if I am using metallic thread I stay by the machine, if I feel the thread is not going to unravel I hold the thread behind the ravel in my right hand gently so the action of the machne sewing pulls out the kink.

I do find however that using the built in thread holder on the top of the machine works better with some threads, it depends on how the thread is wound onto the reel.

I use a lot of Marathon threads which I believe are avalable world wide, they are not the cheapest but I believe are very good value for money and their range of metallic thread is very good.