MC 12000 Error


Sewing using Janome Walking Foot.  STOPS with error message "PLEASE MAKE SURE PROPER PRESSURE FOOT IS ATTACHED"  Press OK and it goes again for a while.  Never found any problems with the foot.  Don't have a clue.  Any ideas?



Funny that my 12000 just started doing that a few days ago too!
 I wasn’t using Acuflex feet but the F foot for decorative stitching.
 I had looked up the error code and found this about the same code on a 15000, it wasn’t listed under the 12000 machine, so maybe the same! Jim?
”Please make sure the proper presser foot is attached”
1. The needle plate is not attached properly 
2. The needle plate micro switch needs to be adjusted 

Jim Stutsman

I think Favy has probably identified the problem with its 2 in her list. The needle plate sensor has very small switches, and it doesn't have to be off much to cause an error. Start by removing the needle plate and making sure there is no accumulated lint in the sensor switch area. It's at the top right corner of the area covered by the plate. If it continues to cause trouble have your dealer adjust it.

Lynne Dean

Both my 12,000 machines started doing this around two years ago. I asked on this list and only a couple of people add ever heard of it then. The next time I took them in for service the technician adjusted a sensor (top right under the footplate).
It was okay for a few weeks and then started again. I find it happens more when going over thicker seams or fabrics. I can’t keep returning to the technician every time it happens as it is a long drive there and back. I try to keep under the foot plate dust free and use a microtex needle (sharp point) when it starts which has seemed to help, and stop that irritating beep every few minutes. It only happens when I am sewing, never when embroidering.



Yesterday I sewed again on my 12000, and following Jim's tip to make sure that the area was clean, I removed the needle plate & cleaned it out.
It wasn't very linty, but one thing I also did was lightly press down on the sensors.
I reattached the needle plate and sewed. No more beeps & error code!
Interesting, that maybe the sensors just needed a little nudge?