Janome S9 bit frustrated

Mary Mills

Hi everyone, some advice needed please.   I am having problems getting my USB stick to load a single design into my machine, the USB stick is a 2Gb stick so I don't think that is the problem.  The design is in the Embf folder created by Embird, my computer program and has always worked previously.   I touch the 'files' folder and the Sew machine and USB folder show as normal... When I touch the USB Icon, it flashes the EmbF folder on the screen, I touch this and nothing happens.   I know it must be something I am doing wrong, any suggestions would  be so appreciated!  Regards, Mary


When you touch the EmbF folder and "nothing happens" does that mean the folder remains on the screen, and not open? Or is it opening, but having nothing in it? If Embird created the folder it may not be in the right hierarchy. When a USB stick is inserted in a Janome machine two folders are created: ORD and EMB. Inside EMB a folder called EmbF is created. If the EmbF was created by Embird at the top level, it will be at the same level as EMB and ORD. By default the machine opens EMB first. What you may have is this:
EMB -> EmbF (machine created)
EmbF (Embird created)
I would suggest you use the arrows to move through the folders until you can see the top level. If Embird has actually created an EmbF outside of EMB you will see it there, and you can open it. If touching the screen is really causing nothing at all to happen, i.e. folders don't open, then you may need to see your dealer as there may be an issue with the touch panel.

Mary Mills

Thank You!  I will see if previous designs I have from other USB sticks show up, this is such a beautiful machine and is normally very good at loading designs.   Thanks again, regards, Mary