Janome Bulletins

Cynthia Dickerson

I would like to print out all the Janome Bulletins.  I have only found three,  JTM-1031, JTM-1035 and JTM-1038.  Is there a link I can go to where I can print out all the bulletins?   I would like to keep them in a book for reference.  Thank you for any help!


You can get all of the Janome bulletins here:


How do I get the Zipped File to update my 12000 that this bulletin says I need? 
Thanks Barbara

Download it here:

Meryl Margolies

How recent is this update?
Have a sew-sew day,

Thank you,

Assuming you mean the 12000 update mentioned previously in this thread, it's not recent. However you can always see the version of your machine when you first turn it on. If it's lower than 1.20 then you need the update.

Roberta K

After taking sometime to look at the list of bulletins, I saw a list of software updates. I noticed that there is a software update for Digitizer MBx 4.5 for compatibility to Windows 10. I had my computer upgraded to Windows 10 when it came out and my software worked fine. Am I missing something?

Roberta in FL


Well if your software is working fine, then clearly you are not missing something. The update you mentioned was for the dongle driver, specifically for issues relating to Windows 10. Some of those issues came about due to Windows automatic updates breaking the driver. If you haven't done any updates you may have avoided that.

Speaking of Windows updates, Microsoft is now rolling out a huge new update with the catchy name of "Windows 10 April 2018 Update". Like the previous "Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition Update", this one is huge. As many grizzled veterans know, being the first to use a whole new version of Windows can be excruciatingly painful. If you would rather avoid being an involuntary beta tester, this page will explain how to avoid it.

Jan Driscoll

Regarding "Windows 10 April 2018 Update"
I just called "My Computer Works" to delete the update. They are my "go to"  for all computer issues.  They were able to do it and said to call them back when you suggest it is "good to go".  So appreciate your advice--YOU'RE THE BESTt!!!
Jan Driscoll