Janome Bulletins

Cynthia Dickerson

I would like to print out all the Janome Bulletins.  I have only found three,  JTM-1031, JTM-1035 and JTM-1038.  Is there a link I can go to where I can print out all the bulletins?   I would like to keep them in a book for reference.  Thank you for any help!


You can get all of the Janome bulletins here:


How do I get the Zipped File to update my 12000 that this bulletin says I need? 
Thanks Barbara

Download it here:

Meryl Margolies

How recent is this update?
Have a sew-sew day,

Thank you,

Assuming you mean the 12000 update mentioned previously in this thread, it's not recent. However you can always see the version of your machine when you first turn it on. If it's lower than 1.20 then you need the update.