Janome 500E—oiling the machine

Roberta K

I am oiling my machine for the first time. The directions say to remove a screw from the bottom without laying it on its rear side (because of the bracket). 

What am I supposed to do-stand on my head?

Also the screw is very recessed. My small screwdriver is too short. Any suggestions on what I should use?



What they are trying to say in the book is to stand the machine on end, with the hand wheel down against the table. This is very awkward to do by yourself, so get someone to hold it while you do the screws and oiling. You'll probably need a new screwdriver - Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

Roberta K

After I sent in this question, somebody found a YouTube video that demonstrates the whole process: Oiling my Janome 500e Embroidery Machine