Janome 15,000

Cynthia Dickerson

I am still working on my Red and White hoop.  I have noticed that when I am embroidering, the machine will stop for about 1 second then kick back into working.  I don't have to do anything to the machine it just pics up where it left off but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.  It is like the electricity goes off for a split second and then comes back on.  It just is kind of scary and worries me.

Lyn Quine

Yes mine does the same, but I’ve noticed it happens when the bobbin is nearly finished, usually after the first low bobbin warning before it stops and refuses to carry on.  It’s almost as if the machine hesitates, to check the bobbin to make sure it won’t run out.


The machine is just pausing (Stopping) to check the bobbin level. No worries!
As far as I recall this feature began with the 12000 machine.

Cynthia Dickerson

Lyn Quine and Favymtz,

Whew!!  Thank you so much, this is a real relief!!  I thought the motherboard must be going out!!  lol