Ipad upgrade


I have an old iPad and also the iPad mini that came with my MC15000.  I would like to only get one iPad that would serve all of my purposes.  So I would trade in two devices against one new upgrade.

I see where some of the Acu Apps are free in the App Store.  AcuDesign is not.  How can I get it transferred to my new iPad - is this a dealer responsibility?

Jim Stutsman

First the bad news - both of those iPads are so old they will have no trade-in value. None of the resellers are buying them, and Apple will take them for recycling (once they open the stores again, currently end of May) but won't give you any allowance for them. Now the good news - if you have AcuDesign installed on one or both of them, when you buy a new iPad make sure you use the SAME Apple ID for both iCloud and the App Store. Back up the old iPad, either to iCloud or your computer via iTunes. Then when you set up the new iPad restore the backup and AcuDesign will reinstall on the new one.