Intro - Hobbits and Stands and USB - Oh my!

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I'm baffled as to why NZ has to wait so much longer, when the 12000 is already making an appearance in Australia. Are they still upset about that whole "Lord of the Rings" movie thing? Like you could really recreate Middle Earth in the Outback? Sorry, I got a little distracted there!

OK, the thread stand. We just tried putting the 7700 thread stand on the 12000. It *almost* works, but it holds the handle up just high enough so that the lid doesn't quite open all the way. If you were on a tight budget you could probably make it work, but after selling a kidney to finance the 12000, what's a few more bucks for the official stand? The 11000 stand actually might be a better bet. There are screws on the back of the 12000, just as there are on the 11000, but they won't line up properly. However in the store we never actually screwed the stand down to the machine. We just used the metal bracket to hang it on the handle, and it worked fine. You could do that on the 12000 as well, continuing to use your existing stand. Mind you, we don't have one to test, but I'm sure it would work.

Yes, the USB is much faster. There's also something else. When we operated the store, we always gave away a USB drive with every embroidery machine. Once we spent a bundle to get some USB "bracelets" that sported our name and phone, but the rubbery bit that made into a clasp for the bracelet made it really hard to get them fully plugged in. After that I just bought the cheapest ones I could get. One of my last purchases was a lot of very cheap no-name USB drives from a seller who was the Internet equivalent of the stranger wearing a trench coat in a back alley. They worked great in every computer I tried, but refused to be recognized at all in a single Janome machine. Since I had no recourse, we just used them in-house for the computers. I tried one in the 12000 and it worked great, no problems. So I have to say that the USB system in this machine is much better than any they've had before.

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Hi,my name is Tina, I live in New Zealand and have ordered the 12000, we are having a demonstration on the 12000 on the 2nd November, and our machines don't arrive till sometime in December, I have a question for those of you who already have the machine, does it read the usb stick faster than the 11000 does? also will the thread stand from 11000 fit the 12000, Thanks,Tina.