I finished stitching out The Tree

Donna Morton

Firstly, I do not find that the design is overly dense at all. The digitizer did a fine job. The density of the design, on the satin stitch edges is not the problem. In my case I’m pretty sure I could have prevented the poorer tension.
I’m pretty happy with my results but yes, I did have poor tension on the back in a couple of spots.  The first one on the outer edge of Tree 5 and the second two on part 9.  These can be overcome.
The design that is being added to the hoop must stay flat – especially on the outer edges where it joins the one in the hoop!  If it pops up a little then the sensor foot lifts a little when it really doesn’t need to, thinking there is a really thick area to stitch through when there isn’t and you get the poorer tension on the back.  Mine was very minor in 3 places.  No one else will ever notice it.  In both cases I turned away from the machine for a second or two when I should have stayed and watched what was going on.
Stabilizer slippage in the hoop could still add to the poor tension. In an effort to avoid this I rotated the designs so they would fit in the smallest hoop possible.  Some will fit in the SQ14 and the others will fit in the SQ23. I lined my inner hoops with shelf matting. The stabilizer must be good and taut and it must stay very taut, especially because the SQ23 is rather large for the task at hand.
The designs must be trimmed closely (some I trimmed a little too close and the satin is pulling away – a chance to fix with a decorative stitch!) and they must not overlap when putting them together.
Hope this helps.  It really is a nice project.  I enjoyed stitching it out.  By the way if you only have 12 inch wide aqua magic like I had on hand, invest in some water soluble thread.  Use it in the bobbin and on top to stitch a couple of lengths together to make wider stabilizer for the hoop.
I’m teaching for the next three days so will not have time to hang out on the group. 
Bye for now.
Donna M