HorizonLink Suite

Cheryl Paul

Hi Jim,
Recently my good old MacBookPro (about 7 years old) needed the latest OS update to V1.15.2 and now .3 and I didn't have enough disk space for the computer to do this.  I then proceeded to delete some information and in that process, I buggered up a few things like HLS.  I somehow managed to keep the program but got rid of all the design files.  In my wisdom or stupidity, I tried to move them from one place to another - you see if having something in one place is good, another or 2 should be even better.  Well that didn't work, but at least now I could find them.  However, I wanted the program to be in tact on my computer so I borrowed my dealers CD of HLS and removed the old file from the computer and installed from her CD.  In the meantime, I managed to find MY copy from Janome from my upgraded 15000 to the QuiltMaker version so I'll be good in the future.

What I've discovered when I open Horizon Link Suite, it says that it is Versos 1.31, BUT when the program is opened and I click on the little circle icon on the top left of the screen, the dropdown menu - Version shows that it is V1.30.  What am I missing in all of this, or did Janome's programmers just miss in replacing that wording?  I know that to ask Kathy, my dealer when I'm in the store this afternoon WILL NOT give me a reasonable answer because she doesn't do much on anything with Janome in detail and may not even know what I'm talking about.

Oh, my MacBook is working OK - I did go out and buy a new 2TB external drive though to copy things onto, so I don't really lose anything again.  Nothing of any real importance is gone, just removed things that should never have been saved this long.  If you saw what Jim and I moved from one house to this latest one, you'd understand.  We find it difficult to sort and then THROW ANYTHING AWAY.  It just seems sacrilegious to us - must be the thrifty upbringing we had with what our parents went through in the 1930's, we being some of the first offspring of that generation.  You know "waste not, want not"?

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Jim Stutsman

It seems pretty much universal that those of us raised by parents who went through the Great Depression of the 30s like to keep things "just in case". Having been involved with computers for more than 50 years, I have backups of backups. In fact my iMac currently has 11 external drives attached. I also have an offsite backup service that keeps a backup on each of our iMacs daily through the Internet.

The version numbers on HLS are in fact NOT synchronized. The 1.31 is probably because they found a bug as they pushed it out the door. If you have 1.30 on the component apps you're good.