Horizon Link Suite 1.31 confusion

Ceil J

Hi.  I watched a new video today from Anne Hein in the Janome sewing classroom and wanted to do what she was doing on her 15000 in HLS.  I really didn't see all the options she was using on the machine when I was in HLS so I checked my version.  I was in the Emblink tool and it said 1.30.  I thought this was wrong and, as I moved to a laptop about a year ago, thought I hadn't updated HLS on my laptop.  Two hours later after I finally found the zip file with the update I realized that HLS was already updated to 1.31 but that doesn't show as the version when in Emblink!    Now I'm not sure if there was something wrong with my updated zip file or if there are just more features available on the machine, or if I just haven't found them.  I hope someone can help.  Thanks.  (I'd rather not put the time on my machine and I like to use the computer so I can do other things while playing with the designs.)

Jim Stutsman

There is a slight disconnect in the version numbers. The "suite" top app does not show the same version as EmbLink, but as long as it is 1.3x (x can be 0 or higher), you are updated to the correct version.